Cassandra+Matt: Engagement!

Hudson and Stillwater didn’t know what was in store for them when Khanh and I met up with Cassandra+Matt to capture the love, humor and excitement this couple shared with each other. Please enjoy this collection of photos of Cassandra+Matt and look for the collection of their wedding photos really soon!

Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0009 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0008 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0007 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0006 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0005 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0004 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0003 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0002 Cassandra+Matt-eShoot-Blog_0001


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